Thursday, October 2 - Barcelona to Madrid

Thursday, October 2 -- Barcelona to  Madrid
We took our time getting up and had breakfast nearby, then headed to the Picasso Museum. It isn't easy to find, but worth the search. In 1970, he apparently gave all the works still in his possession to this museum and the collection spans his career. We were comparing his work at age 10 or so with that of our grand-niece Isabelle. She might have quite a career ahead of her!

We gathered up our stuff (so much stuff -- what were we thinking?) at the hotel and took the subway to the train station. Along the way, we both had our pockets and purse rifled by a couple of women who crowded in on us. If they got anything at all, it was minor change. The important stuff was better protected. Everything they say about how rife crime is in Barcelona is true. We saw several examples of it. It's a really icky feeling to be pick-pocketed, even if there's no harm.
Once at the station, we had lunch, then boarded the sleek high-speed train to Madrid. It was a smooth and swift ride, usually around 300 km/hour.

We easily got a cab (notice -- not the subway, not any more with suitcases!) to our very nice hotel, The Liabeny. Dumping our stuff we wandered down the pedestrian road, had supper at a sidewalk cafe, then walked to a nearby square where there was all kinds of action. We enjoyed the buskers and the general atmosphere.

On the way back we bought frozen yogurt sundaes -- the best ever!
Interestingly, we had heard that Barcelona was a far more interesting city than Madrid, but Avril, who had been here first, said she much preferred Madrid's buzz. So far, we're inclined to agree. We'll see what the next 2 days bring.
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