Monday, September 29 - Barcelona

Well, I think I'm officially caught up on sleep now, having gotten something like 
17 hours of it since we arrived! We missed the hotel breakfast, since I slept until 
10:30. But then we got our act together. First thing, of course, was breakfast, which 
we enjoyed on the street in front of our hotel. It's La Rambla, and has a pedestrian 
boulevard down the middle, so we could watch foot and vehicle traffic while we ate.

We were alert for "take-downs" since we had seen a second one
last night at dinner,  but no such luck. We did see some quite dodgey 

behaviour though, including a guy sneaking onto the metro by more or 
less gluing himself to the back of a woman as she went through the turnstile, 
and a couple obviously spotting a "mark" and going in pursuit. There were
many beggars on the streets, too. But no one really bothered us. We caught 

a hop-on hop-off tour from the large plaza near the hotel. 

We stayed on except for a brief stroll at the harbour and to

change to another route. We saw many Gaudi masterpieces, including the awesome 

Sagrada Familia, from the bus. 

We'll head back there tomorrow, early, to get in line to see the interior. We
picked a couple of other spots to go back to tomorrow, and we want to ride one 

more route. Other than Gaudi, Barcelona is much like other European cities. 
There's a very old (mediaeval) area that we walked through,
many ultra-modern neighbourhoods and everything in between. We saw very
few houses; most people live in apartments. Not as many sophisticated, high-fashion
women as inmany other cities. Throngs of tourists everywhere, of course. Since
normal dinner time here is 8- 10, we decided to go out for dessert at 9. We found
a noisy restaurant/bar with live music andenjoyed some very good desserts and
"coffee descafinate" along with Spanish pronounciation tipsfrom the waiter.
Then we wandered with the crowds for awhile before returning to the hotel.

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