Thursday, October 16 -- Going home

Thursday, October 16 -- Going home
It's always sad to come to the end of a trip and say good-bye to the poeple we've spent so much good time with. On the other hand, most of us will be glad to get home to do laundry and eat "normal" food.
Myrna Berlin and Lainie were first to depart. They were supposed to board a cruise in Lisbon today, but the ship couldn't enter the port because of high seas. They'll spend tonight in Lisbon and meet the ship tomorrow in the Azores. Carol is spending several days around Lisbon with friends, so left the hotel after we did.
Our cute little bus came and transported the 12 of us to the airport.

 Our flight was delayed 45 minutes, so it was tight in Frankfurt, but we made it. Boarding there was chaos -- apparently in Europe they resent being told to board by row number, so when our rows were called and we moved forward it caused all kinds of reaction. One official tried to send us to the end of the line while another motioned us forward. The crowd was restive. Once on board we found that Larry and I were across the aisle from one another again, even though I'd checked in online and made sure we were together. Luckily, the lady sitting next to Larry was happy to trade with me and get an aisle seat. The flight was tedious, and then we had to circle over Peterborough waiting for a storm to pass. On the ground there was another delay because the ground crew had taken shelter from another thunderstorm. Finally, though, we made our way home.
It was another fabulous trip. Many thanks to Exotic Destinations, our travel agency, and to Cathy Wilkes, our Intrepid leader!
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