Saturday, October 4 - Madrid

Saturday, October 4 - Madrid
On Saturday, the city is different. There are fewer cars, more pedestrians, more kids and the tourist spots are more crowded. It's also, apparently, the day for demonstrations, such as when the Falon Gong took over Plaza del Sol, near our hotel.

We made our way to the Royal Palace this morning. It's huge and very ornate. The Royal Family no longer lives there, but it is the site of great occasions, such as the recent abdication ceremony.

We chatted with a couple from the UK, a lady from Vancouver, and 2 young women from Germany. Yesterday at the Prado, we talked to a couple from Winnipeg. It's a real crossroads.Our second stop of the day was the cathedral across from the palace. Another lovely building.

We had a mid-afternoon panini at a sidewalk cafe and decided that we needed some garden time. Madrid came through with the Parque de el Retiro. We sat on a bench in a very quiet area for awhile, then strolled around the large artificial lake. We discussed renting a rowboat, but neither of us wanted to row.

The monument to Alfonso XII that sits beside the lake is very imposing and extremely detailed. Finally, we felt we'd seen and done all we could, so we hopped on a bus and headed back to LLAULLAU -- for the third time in 3 days! Love that frozen yogurt!

We picked up our bags and took a cab to Madrid Chamartin Estacione. Lots of time for a beer, then some quiet time in the first class lounge before boarding.
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