Monday, October 13 - Villanova de Gaia (Opposite Doura bank to Porto)

Monday, October 13 - Villanova de Gaia (Opposite Doura bank to Porto)
4 of us opted out of the fishing village trip -- it involved cooking fish, and that's not my thing but they all had a ball and enjoyed eating the fish.
Instead we boarded buses for a tour off Porto.

  It's a lovely city, but we were caught unprepared for the rain.  The industrious umbrella sellers did well, and we stayed relatively dry.  The old train station has amazing tile murals depicting events in its history.  The cathedral is very plain but has wonderful decor, including a solid silver altar that was sucessfully hidden from marauding armies.

  The views were spectacular.  We ended the tour at the Graham's Winery.

  It's one of the places where the port is brought to age in the cooler climate of Porto.  There are several kinds of port in barrels and bottles, dating back to the 19th century.  We sampled a few of the newer ones.

Back at the ship we played a round of Dix Mille -- Fred won again.
Before dinner we had an opportunity to meet the entire staff and applaud them for the great job they did.  One of the tour guides (the one that danced the Flamenco [instead of Fred] sang Allelujeh!, inviting us to join in the chorus.  She was wonderful!!  It was moving to hear this beautiful Canadian song on Thanksgiving.
Back at the ship we decorated the dining room for Thanksgiving with turkeys we made in the afternoon and stuff that several of us brought from home.

Many of the other passengers found it confusing!!  The wait staff got right into the spirit though.  At the end of dinner we sang Go Now In Peace and got a round of applause.
the entertainment of this last evening aboard was opera.  Surprisingly very good and enjoyable.
Last ship dinner people pictures:


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